The sector which deals with crop production is committed to the following mission: “To be the best supplier while placing value on transparency and ensuring its own profitability, that of its affiliated cooperatives and of its agricultural producers.”

Coopérative fédérée de Québec, through its Farm Supply Division, is the primary supplier of crop inputs in Quebec. It serves the industrial sector via its strategic alliances and is also present in Ontario and in the Maritime provinces.

Since 1980, this sector has taken great strides in development which
directly reflect the evolution of cattle feed requiring increased volumes of grain, in addition to the constant expansion of farms as well as their specialized crop productions. Over 50% of producers get their seed supplies, crop protection products and fertilizers from affiliated cooperatives. Coopérative fédérée de Québec markets its products under three labels: CO-OP, SQS, and Élite for seeds produced by its research farm Techno Champs. Its market share was achieved thanks to the support of more than 300 expert-consultants within its network who help to make its products and services outstanding. But the cornerstone of its strategic
operations lies in the technical support it provides to farmers.

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